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We would engage. Would you?

Audi- MIAS Moskau
By : Schmidhuber

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National Pavilion briefs can be challenging at the best of times. Multiple clients with varying wares combined in a tight space.

We are loving this resolve and it's clean minimalist lines and "market like" flow. Lighting concealed between the wooden beams. Functional and dramatic.

Japan's House is one that we would visit!

Credit to RKDS and their award winning stand.


See more examples of functional design that produces results @ www.xzibit.co.za

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“Climbing Up” public art installation in NYC, a partnership with @Kimberly Gould Digest and @Matthias Hollwich Kushner.

More examples of brand activations @ www.xzibit.co.za

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At XZIBIT MARKETING the oceans and conservation of our environment are close to our hearts. National Geographic and their amazing storytelling was, arguably,the benchmark publication when we grew up.

Although numerous other media and storytelling platforms have developed over the years, the richness of their content and ability to transport the reader to parts of the world,often only dreamed of,remains.

How amazing is this stand design? You could remove the logo and those in the know would more than likely guess the brand?

Would you walk by without taking in the majesty of the AV, graphic and physical content?

As a visitor to the booth,you would surely be transported to that other world? A world whose majesty needs to be protected? One that was created to last a whole lot longer than the transitional nature of a trade show booth?

Let's build up and not break down!

It's almost the weekend - you have so got this!

Kudos : GM Stand Design


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